First contributions to Portus

June 05, 2016

Hello :)

Since that Google Summer of Code have announced the selected organizations and I decided to try apply for Portus, some issues had to be closed by me! Because one of the criteria to select a student was exactly this: close some small issues from the project.

Before submit my project proposal to GSoC I made three Pull Requests to solve these issues: “Logout and repository search in small devices”, “Activity messages do not fill all the horizontal space available” and “The error message is not always located in the user’s field of vision”.

Unfortunately, I took too long to make the necessary updates on my last pull request. But in June 1 my PR was finally merged! And I could start my first GSoC issue: Improve the responsiviness of Portus.

That issue will be present during all the coding period of GSoC. Actually, this issue isn’t only one issue, it’s a list of enhancements in Portus related to improve the user experience on all devices. For now, we have four items on our list:

  • Propose a model to improve the tables on small screens,
  • Refactor admin dashboard to each option occupy one row,
  • Change Portus logo png for a svg logo and
  • Refactor portus website/blog topbar.

Three days ago I submitted a Pull Request proposing a new topbar design and layout to solve the last one issue and today I finished the improvements suggested by the reviewer @cyntss. I hope it is correct!

You can click on the links in this text and see some screenshots of the before and after my contributions :)

Good bye and see you on the next post!