A break on the Summer of Code - Part 1

July 04, 2016

Hello :)

First of all, I want to thank the openSUSE and all sponsors to provide me this great opportunity of met incredible people, in a incredible place! I’m really glad to be part of the oSC16!

Well, after more than one day of travel I arrived in Nuremberg at June 21, 22h! Unfortunately, I missed the pre-conference party, but no problem, I didn’t lose any day of the conference!

First day of openSUSE Conference! And after that I got lost (just a little) in Nuremberg I finally found Z-Bau, where the conference happened. When I arrived the Thomas Hatch’s talk, SaltStack is more than just configuration management, are already started, but I liked what I listened! I know a similar technology, Chef, and I found very interesting how the SaltStack works! After this talk I met my new friends and GSoC partners Joaquín, Ana, Rishabh and we went to listen the Introduction to Linux Block I/O Layer and Hawk 2.0 and Beyond talks.

After the lunch, I attended to Oliver Neukum’s talk about The type C connector and USB 3.1 and to Lasse Schuirmann’s workshop. I think that this workshop should be executed in all universities! Because oftentimes the students don’t know how to start to contribute with an open source project or are afraid to do it, and on this workshop Lasse explains how simple may be contribute to the software community.

At evening, I went to the city tour organized by the conference and the tour take approximately 75 minutes. I felt like I was living in a Age of Empires game! Nuremberg is a really beautiful city! After the tour, our Entertainment Manager, Moisés, led us to have a dinner in a Thai restaurant and to the Nuremberg “beach”!

Second day of openSUSE Conference! The first talk of the day was one of the bests! Frank Karlitschek, founder of Nextcloud, talked about Fixing the internet with free software. And after that I went to Ancor González workshop openSUSE wants you: the software portal until the lunch time.

In afternoon, I attended the Craig Gardner’s talk about how to turn students into open source contributors, the importance of the open source and how the companies see your contributions today. That talk is one of the bests too! After that, I attended to openSUSE 101, by Henne Vogelsang, to George Greve’s talk, about the Kolab Systems and to 20.000 leagues under SUSE Studio, by Christian Bruckmayer.

At night, I went to the cellar tour, also organized by the conference. I leanrt a lot and I was surprised with some of them! How the people can drink so much beer? And after the tour, we went to eat Schnitzel, a huge one! (I could not eat all, and I ordered a half!)

On my next post I’ll continue telling about my experiences in Nuremberg and openSUSE Conference! See you :)